Saturday, June 18

YA in Bloom Souvenir Poster

Or, why we LOVE

Have I mentioned yet how much I looooooove Let me count the ways.

1. They print and ship super-fast. I thought about this poster 3 days ago, and it arrived on my doorstep today!

2. They send very clever and funny confirmation emails.

"In the meantime, please email me if you have ANY questions about your order or the best dance to do when your order arrives.

Have the best next couple hours ever,


p.s. Thank you for using us. We love you, we really do."

Well, we love you, too, PosterBrain <3

3. They put a Werther's candy in my mailing tube. How sweet is that?

4. We got a free copy of the poster we ordered! Their sweetness knows no bounds!

5. You can even order the poster I made for yourself (we don't get anything for it except more love -- which is awesome too) and since their prices are so reasonable, a 16"x24" poster is only $12 plus shipping!

6. It's very easy to use--just upload an image (ideally a 150 dpi TIFF in RGB format--I didn't even have to convert it to CMYK!) fill out some billing/shipping info, and wait a couple of days.

In the meantime, giggle at the confirmation emails.

Two to three days later, open front door and the mail man will hand you your poster! (If you're lucky, you'll get a piece of candy to eat while marveling at how awesome your poster looks).

The quality of the print is awesome, and you can tell it was packed and shipped with care. Thanks a bunch,!

The next time you think of a design and say to yourself, hmm... that would make a really cool poster! You can make it happen, easily and for not a lot of $$$.

If you do order, tell them Bridge to Books sent you :)

So I bet you're wondering what that poster is for. And why it has so much white space.

Well, attendees of YA in Bloom will autograph the posters as they sign in to pick up their wristbands.

One lucky winner gets to take a poster home! (Donated by Alethea and Alyson)

The other will be kept by Bridge to Books to commemorate this totally cool event.

We'll announce the lucky winner on the blog after the event.

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