Sunday, June 26

YA in Bloom Update 10 - That's a Wrap!

We're still recovering from all the hard work of the past few months--it all culminated in an awesome event yesterday, attended by 91 people at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena!

If you attended and have photos you would like to share, please email them to bridgetobooks @ gmail dot com (files or links--whatever works for you)

If you have a blog post, please add yourself to our linky below! Email Alethea (frootjoos @ gmail dot com) to get the linky code for your own blog.

We'll post photos as soon as we get them.

YA in Bloom is a casual lunch meeting for readers, writers, bloggers, and educatorsinterested in young adult literature.

For more information, visit the main blog post. There you can purchase tickets, check the various updates, and find out more about the event.

Where: Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena CA
When: Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 1 to 4 pm
How much: $12.50 for lunch

YA Authors attending:

Even more authors!

Deborah Bryan / @deb_bryan (The Monster's Daughter, CreateSpace, 2011)
Jenn Reese / @jennreese (Above World, Candlewick, 2012)
Kristen Kittscher / @kkittscher (Young & Yang, HarperCollins, 2013)
Kathy McCullough / @kathymccullough (Don't Expect Magic, Random House, Nov. 2011)
Rod Riggs (Symphony Phil, Trafford, 2005)

Bridge to Books Members:

Alyson from Kid Lit Frenzy / @alybee930
Alethea from Read Now Sleep Later / @frootjoos
Amber from Book by Book / @MyGirlSnark and @BkByBk
Cathy from Picture Books, Novels, and Bios, Oh My! / @Cathy_Blackler

Members of YA Book Council:

Jane / @missjanegov
Roxy / @r_a_black
Alfonso / @alfonso_h
Leslie / @yabc_la

Bloggers and other writers

Amaris Glass, YA author
Chloe / @chloesays on Twitter
Darla from D for Darla's Definite Reads / @DforDarla
Debra Anne Davis, author
Diana from The Lovely Getaway / @lovelygetaway
Jan / @fiddlerjt on Twitter
Janet / @tenaj831 on Twitter
Katie from The Book Yurt / @BookYurt
Khy from Frenetic Reader / @khyrinthia
Lauren from 365 Days of Reading / @365DaysReading
Laurisa from A Thousand Wrongs
Liz from Liz Writes / @LizWrites
Michelle from Libri Ago / @michellewitte
Moogle / @Mooglechan
Racquel, @TheMediaBunny
Rachel from Awkward Girl / @RachelSearles
Sophia from Sophia the Writer / @sophthewriter
Sarah from Impossible Universe
Tipsy from Tipsy Reader / @tipsyreader

If I missed you, please email me at frootjoos at gmail dot com - Alethea

Extra super-special THANKS to

Amore dal Forno for baking us a beautiful cake!
Amy Dominy who donated t-shirts and bookmarks for OyMG
Amy Tam for making yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies

Book by Book and supporters who donated books for the Library Booster Box

Cathy Blackler who donated books for the Library Booster Box
Cheryl Rainfield who donated bookmarks and a signed copy of SCARS

Ebony McKenna who is sending signed bookplates for ONDINE

Flux Books who sent us enough copies of THE LATTE REBELLION for everyone attending! And a set of their Spring 2011 releases for the attendee raffle. We are SO gonna mail you some cookies.

Gae Polisner who sent bookmarks for PULL OF GRAVITY for our fine-quality bookmarks

Heather from Scholastic who got us swag and books for the Library Booster Box
Homemade Selections's Tipsy for our delicious vegan sandwiches!

Kathy McCullough who donated a book for the Library Booster Box
Kris Vreeland who donated books for the Library Booster Box

Lisa Schroeder who sent a signed copy of CHASING BROOKLYN

Maria V. Snyder who sent bookmarks and bookplates for INSIDE OUT/OUTSIDE IN

Nancy Holder who donated an entire set of her books + CRUSADE for the Library Booster Box
Nicole from Penguin who donated ARCs for attendees and hardcovers for the Library Booster Box

Poppy and the gang from for their reliable and humorous service

Random House who donated ARCs -- lots and lots of them! for our attendees
Roxana Waterman who donated a book for the Library Booster Box
Rosemary Clement Moore who donated bookmarks for TEXAS GOTHIC

Sarah Jamila Stevenson who sent us bookmarks--signed ones!--for LATTE REBELLION
Shazia Wilson, photographer extraordinaire
Simon & Schuster who sent us signed books, posters, and other cool stuff!
Susan from Kidspace for bookmarks, salads, and helping hands ;)

Vroman's Bookstore who let us use their event space for a few hours... we love you guys!

Zenia Pollard for taking photos and making us look awesome

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