Wednesday, June 15

YA in Bloom Update 2 - Lisa Yee and The Bloggers!

In addition to YA authors Nancy Holder and Cindy Pon, we'll have author Lisa Yee at the event!

Credit: Mieke Kramer 
Lisa Yee

has written books for teens and tweens such as Absolutely, Maybe, Millicent Min: Girl Genius, Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time So Totally Emily Ebers, the Warp Speed and Bobby series as well as books for American Girl.

Absolutely, Maybe
 Visit the author online at, and follow her on Twitter @LisaYee1

Bloggers and writers attending YA in Bloom include

Don't Expect Magic (Nov. 2011)
Kathy McCullough, author of Don't Expect Magic (forthcoming from Random House) / @kathymccullough on Twitter

Deborah Bryan, author of The Monster's Daughter / @deb_bryan on Twitter

Alyson from Kid Lit Frenzy / @alybee930 on Twitter

Alethea from Read Now Sleep Later / @frootjoos on Twitter

Jane, Alfonso and Leslie from YA Book Council
/ @missjanegov / @alfonso_h / @yabc_la on Twitter

Cathy from Picture Books, Novels, and Bios, Oh My!

Roxy from Introduce a Little Anarchy. & This is why I wear glasses. /
@r_a_black on Twitter

The Monster's Daughter
Amber from Book by Book / @MyGirlSnark and @BkByBk

Liz from Liz Writes / @LizWrites on Twitter

Lauren from 365 Days of Reading / @365DaysReading on Twitter

Racquel, @TheMediaBunny on Twitter

Sophia from Sophia the Writer / @sophthewriter on Twitter

Tessa from From the Bookshelf of T.B.

Amaris Glass, YA author

Darla from D for Darla's Definite Reads / @DforDarla on Twitter

Sandy from I'm Reading--Good for Me / @SandyG02 on Twitter

Laurisa from A Thousand Wrongs

Debra Anne Davis, author

Katie from The Book Yurt / @BookYurt on Twitter

If I missed you, let me know (frootjoos at gmail dot com) and I'll add you to the next update!


  1. I am SO GLAD I snatched up tickets for this - cannot wait!!! These authors are so frickin' cool. Yes I am an adult fangirl. :P

  2. Soph, it's going to be an excellent, super-fun afternoon! I'm so glad you'll be there!