Sunday, June 19

YA in Bloom Update 7 - I think we're going to need another Box

So the Library Booster Box is getting a little out of control. In a very good way!

Thanks to Kris from Bridge to Books for these hot new hardcovers! We're so grateful for your generosity :)

If you haven't gotten your tickets for YA in Bloom yet, don't worry--we moved the deadline from June 18 to June 20 so you have until midnight on Monday to sign up! We can't wait to meet you.

Here are some other people you can expect to see at Vroman's on Saturday, June 25:

Chloe / @chloesays on Twitter

Diana from The Lovely Getaway / @lovelygetaway on Twitter

Jan / @fiddlerjt on Twitter

Janet / @tenaj831 on Twitter

Jenn Reese / @jennreese on Twitter ... author of the forthcoming Above World (Candlewick, 2012)

Khy from Frenetic Reader / @khyrinthia on Twitter

Michelle from Libri Ago / @michellewitte on Twitter

Tipsy from Tipsy Reader / @tipsyreader on Twitter

If I missed you on the updates, let me know - email frootjoos at gmail dot com and I'll add you to the next update! (I'm also compiling a complete list of links, stay tuned.)

Thanks so much to the awesome folks at Vroman's for letting us use their event space! Can you believe this bookstore was founded in 1894?!? It just so happens that June 25 is also "Save the Bookstores" day.

You can help support independent bookstores by buying a book (or 4!) at your local independent bookstore. You can also support most independent bookstores by buying from them online: Vroman's may be 117 years old, but they have a great web store--they even have a blog!

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