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YA in Bloom Album!

Update: July 3, 2011 -

What do you do after a successful event?

Sleep!  Yes, Alethea went to sleep for quite a few hours to try and make up for all of the hours that she devoted to preparing for YA in Bloom.  She certainly earned time with her pillow.

And I (Alyson) went off to what felt like an Educator's Boot Camp (really - one of those professional & intense conferences) and lived in a dorm for a week and ate in a dining hall with pre-teens and teens. 

Now that we are recovering we wanted to do a quick wrap-up!

A thousand thank you's and lots of hugs to those who came!
First, I just want to say thank you to everyone - authors, bloggers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, publisher reps, and YA book readers who came out to the event and brought their smiles, enthusiasm, and energy with you.  Even the best plans would have failed if no one showed up but we had nearly 100 of you there for our first event - so this was no failure.  Your patience as we registered everyone, and revised the schedule was truly appreciated.  New friendships and connections were forged over the course of the day and we hope everyone continues to stay in-touch.

Congratulations to the winners of our Library Booster Boxes!
If you have been following our postings about YA in Bloom, then you know that we collected over $1,000 in books (Book people are very generous) which we divided into two boxes and donated to one public library and one high school library.

The winners are:
Theresa K. whose ticket won received a $25 gift card to Vromans while her public library of choice - Los Alamitos-Rossmoor Public Library in Seal Beach will receive a huge box of new or current YA books.
Randee B. had her ticket called and she also received a $25 gift card to Vromans and her High School of choice - Upland High school in Upland will be receiving the second huge box.

We also had lots of winners for our various raffles - next time I will make it a point to write down everyone's names.  On second thought - I will delegate someone to write down all those names.

Thank you to all of our great sponsors and authors for so many wonderful books and swag.  A quick thank you to Flux, Penguin, Random House, Scholastic, and Simon & Schuster for really helping by making such amazing donations.  Check out the post here to see a complete list of all the authors and publishers who donated.  You will be receiving special thank you's shortly.

Yes, there was indeed food...
Thank you's are definitely in order for the food people. Jane and her team were impressive.  I hear that the sandwiches and cake were amazing.  Yes, I heard all about it, but somehow in all the running around I missed the amazing chicken salad sandwiches & cake - and we even had vegan sandwiches that were supposedly fantastic.  If you go through the pictures (link below), you'll see the sandwich boxes and the out of this world, gorgeous cakes.

Thank you to - 
Lizette, Amore dal Forno--Yes, her cake was all the rave.
Senator Sipes ( @tipsyreader ) is Homemade Selections - and she is a wonderful hostess too. 
Amy Tam-- vegan chocolate chip cookies -
Jane, Amber, Susan & Janelle contributed sandwiches & salad & more cookies.

In addition to our Bridge to Books Team...
Of course, Alethea and I along with the other fantastic Bridge to Book Members who were present (Amber, Cathy, Heather, Jane, Janelle, Kris, Nicole, Sue, Susan)  had a little - no, we had a lot of help from our friends.  The members of the Young Adult Book Council came out in force to help with set up and clean up.  My school's office manager, Lorraine, came out to decorate with flowers.  And we certainly recruited family and close friends to help. 

Also, thank you to Kris and Nicole for a fabulous chat about book discussions.  I have heard great feedback about how much people enjoyed the talk.

Our amazing authors rock!
We didn't just have one or two authors - we had six talented, funny, energetic, and amazing authors.  Thank you to Katie Alender, Jessica Brody, Nancy Holder, Cindy Pon, Andrew Smith, and Lisa Yee for taking time out of their busy schedules and showing up and chatting with people and signing books and just being all around fantastic people.

And to our up & coming authors (Kristen Kittscher, Suzanne Lazear, Marie Lu, Kathy McCullough, Gretchen McNeil, and Jenn Reese), you were pretty amazing too...we look forward to seeing you at future events.

Finally, a huge thank you to Vromans...
Thank you to Vromans and their fantastic staff (including the Kids' Department staff who checked in on us and were there to answer questions) who allowed us to take over the upstairs and supported us as we threw one epic YA celebration.  In addition to the space, they ordered books, and provided goodies for the gift bags, and even gave everyone a one-day 20% off coupon.  By the looks of the piles of books people were purchasing, there was some serious shopping going on.

If you want to reminisce about the event, check out all the great photos from Zenia and Shazia. 

YA in Bloom, a set on Flickr.
We'll be adding more soon! Thanks to Zenia Pollard & Shazia Wilson for photography that day.

Via Flickr:
June 25 at Vroman's Bookstore Pasadena

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