Sunday, August 21

Graphic Guise - Thank you's Part I

After a little sleep and a little debriefing, now is the time to start thanking people for helping to make Graphic Guise: Books Undercover such a successful event. As you can see from the title, it is going to take us a few posts to thank everyone.

First up, thank you's to all of our author/illustrators: Kazu Kibuishi, Bob Boyle, James Burks, and Dan Santat.  They are some of the nicest guys that you will ever meet.  And even more importantly they were fabulous with the kids who attended the event.

James Burks with Fourth and Fifth Graders.

Each of our author/illustrators spent time talking to small groups of children about their individual books and projects and gave children sneak peeks into their art journals. Just to give everyone an idea of the event here are some pictures of these amazing guys in action.

Bob's Sketchbook
Kazu Kibuishi brought his iPad and children were able to watch a book trailer for Amulet 4 The Last Council which will be out on September 1, 2011 and even get a chance to learn a little bit about Book 5.

Here is James Burks providing drawing feedback to a student during studio time.  I know that if I was 10 and had a chance to work with one of my favorite authors or illustrators this would be a memory I would never forget.

Here one of our participants is deeply focused on her own creative process.  Children were provided with blank journals which they got to keep.

Bob Boyle is shown here as he interacted with a group of second and third graders around the development of stories and yes, he is doodling right on the butcher paper. 

Dan Santat chatted with the large group about his art work and some special details about his picture book Oh No! or How My Science Project Destroyed the World.

In a down moment, a few of Kazu's adult fans got to listen to him speak about his artwork.

At the end, our team of guys signed books and journals often times personalizing them with special drawings.

Thank you Armory Center for the Arts for letting us use such a great space as your studio.  It provided the perfect atmosphere for our event.

Thank you to Katie (Young Adult Book Club), Cathy (@cathy_blackler on twitter) and Yukari (@rblib on twitter) for the fabulous pictures.
Yukari had a break from picture taking and kid wrangling to receive a raffle bag.
 Next post - A thank you to our publisher friends.

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