Friday, August 19

In Print? Far Out!

Follow the link to see us mentioned in Publishers Weekly.
As the Bridge to Books team gears up for Graphic Guise, we get a little more pep in our step from PW and lovely ladies of YA Rising Stars. rocks!

Also, thanks to Alethea's Uncle Ted, we've got this great poster for Graphic Guise! You can order your own copy from the always awesome Bridge to Books receives no portion of any purchase made through the PosterBrain website, but that's ok--sometimes they give us free posters and candy and hugs! (Ok, kidding about the hugs, but I just know they would if they could.)

If you DO want to support us (and get a cool poster in the bargain), you can order our Live to Read poster right here! It's only $5 + shipping.

If you're going to Graphic Guise, skip the shipping and just pick it up from our event bookstore. Thanks to the lovely folks at Once Upon a Time in Montrose for bringing their bookstore to The Armory!

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