Sunday, January 30

Bridge to Books - Connecting Kids to Reading

Calling all teachers, librarians, booksellers and bloggers!


Book bloggers seem to have the latest and greatest information about books and authors. Librarians have some really amazing book resources. Booksellers have access to what's new and classic. And teachers have access to kids who need to learn to read, but often without the benefit of real engagement with their reading material. 

What if we all came together to share ideas on behalf of literacy?

If you care about children & literacy and would like to chat with others who feel the same way, learn about what others are doing, and develop some new contacts, follow us and form a connection.

About us

Take one educator with a passion for books and getting kids to read and mix in a talented book blogger and former bookseller and you have the start of Bridge to Books. As we began to talk, we realized that there were great resources out there that did not seem to be getting to the right places. We wanted to see people come together from various disciplines to share thoughts and ideas, with the overall goal of getting children excited about books and reading.