Sunday, June 26

YA in Bloom Update 10 - That's a Wrap!

We're still recovering from all the hard work of the past few months--it all culminated in an awesome event yesterday, attended by 91 people at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena!

If you attended and have photos you would like to share, please email them to bridgetobooks @ gmail dot com (files or links--whatever works for you)

If you have a blog post, please add yourself to our linky below! Email Alethea (frootjoos @ gmail dot com) to get the linky code for your own blog.

We'll post photos as soon as we get them.

YA in Bloom is a casual lunch meeting for readers, writers, bloggers, and educatorsinterested in young adult literature.

For more information, visit the main blog post. There you can purchase tickets, check the various updates, and find out more about the event.

Where: Vroman's Bookstore, Pasadena CA
When: Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 1 to 4 pm
How much: $12.50 for lunch

YA Authors attending:

Even more authors!

Deborah Bryan / @deb_bryan (The Monster's Daughter, CreateSpace, 2011)
Jenn Reese / @jennreese (Above World, Candlewick, 2012)
Kristen Kittscher / @kkittscher (Young & Yang, HarperCollins, 2013)
Kathy McCullough / @kathymccullough (Don't Expect Magic, Random House, Nov. 2011)
Rod Riggs (Symphony Phil, Trafford, 2005)

Bridge to Books Members:

Alyson from Kid Lit Frenzy / @alybee930
Alethea from Read Now Sleep Later / @frootjoos
Amber from Book by Book / @MyGirlSnark and @BkByBk
Cathy from Picture Books, Novels, and Bios, Oh My! / @Cathy_Blackler

Members of YA Book Council:

Jane / @missjanegov
Roxy / @r_a_black
Alfonso / @alfonso_h
Leslie / @yabc_la

Bloggers and other writers

Amaris Glass, YA author
Chloe / @chloesays on Twitter
Darla from D for Darla's Definite Reads / @DforDarla
Debra Anne Davis, author
Diana from The Lovely Getaway / @lovelygetaway
Jan / @fiddlerjt on Twitter
Janet / @tenaj831 on Twitter
Katie from The Book Yurt / @BookYurt
Khy from Frenetic Reader / @khyrinthia
Lauren from 365 Days of Reading / @365DaysReading
Laurisa from A Thousand Wrongs
Liz from Liz Writes / @LizWrites
Michelle from Libri Ago / @michellewitte
Moogle / @Mooglechan
Racquel, @TheMediaBunny
Rachel from Awkward Girl / @RachelSearles
Sophia from Sophia the Writer / @sophthewriter
Sarah from Impossible Universe
Tipsy from Tipsy Reader / @tipsyreader

If I missed you, please email me at frootjoos at gmail dot com - Alethea

Extra super-special THANKS to

Amore dal Forno for baking us a beautiful cake!
Amy Dominy who donated t-shirts and bookmarks for OyMG
Amy Tam for making yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies

Book by Book and supporters who donated books for the Library Booster Box

Cathy Blackler who donated books for the Library Booster Box
Cheryl Rainfield who donated bookmarks and a signed copy of SCARS

Ebony McKenna who is sending signed bookplates for ONDINE

Flux Books who sent us enough copies of THE LATTE REBELLION for everyone attending! And a set of their Spring 2011 releases for the attendee raffle. We are SO gonna mail you some cookies.

Gae Polisner who sent bookmarks for PULL OF GRAVITY for our fine-quality bookmarks

Heather from Scholastic who got us swag and books for the Library Booster Box
Homemade Selections's Tipsy for our delicious vegan sandwiches!

Kathy McCullough who donated a book for the Library Booster Box
Kris Vreeland who donated books for the Library Booster Box

Lisa Schroeder who sent a signed copy of CHASING BROOKLYN

Maria V. Snyder who sent bookmarks and bookplates for INSIDE OUT/OUTSIDE IN

Nancy Holder who donated an entire set of her books + CRUSADE for the Library Booster Box
Nicole from Penguin who donated ARCs for attendees and hardcovers for the Library Booster Box

Poppy and the gang from for their reliable and humorous service

Random House who donated ARCs -- lots and lots of them! for our attendees
Roxana Waterman who donated a book for the Library Booster Box
Rosemary Clement Moore who donated bookmarks for TEXAS GOTHIC

Sarah Jamila Stevenson who sent us bookmarks--signed ones!--for LATTE REBELLION
Shazia Wilson, photographer extraordinaire
Simon & Schuster who sent us signed books, posters, and other cool stuff!
Susan from Kidspace for bookmarks, salads, and helping hands ;)

Vroman's Bookstore who let us use their event space for a few hours... we love you guys!

Zenia Pollard for taking photos and making us look awesome

Friday, June 24

YA in Bloom Update 9 - More Authors

Some of our authors can't make it to the event, but sent some swag and books for the event. Our thanks to these lovely writers and their publishers:

Sarah Jamila Stevenson
The Latte Rebellion
Thanks to Flux Books
the first 70 attendees will get one!
Amy Fellner Dominy, OyMG

Lisa Schroeder,
Chasing Brooklyn

Rosemary Clement-Moore
Texas Gothic
Gae Polisner,
The Pull of Gravity
Cheryl Rainfield

Our published authors now include

Andrew Smith - The Marbury Lens, In the Path of Falling Objects, Ghost Medicine
Cindy Pon - Silver Phoenix, Fury of the Phoenix
Jessica Brody - My Life Undecided, The Karma Club
Katie Alender - Bad Girls Don't Die, From Bad to Cursed
Lisa Yee - Absolutely, Maybe; Millicent Min, Girl Genius; Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time
Nancy Holder - Crusade, Wicked, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If you are attending the event and do not yet own books by the attending published authors, we highly encourage purchasing the item during the event! Each registered attendee will receive a one-day-only shopping pass for 20% off at Vroman's Bookstore on the day of YA in Bloom.

You'll also want to keep an eye out for these up-and-coming authors and their books:

Deborah Bryan - The Monster's Daughter
Gretchen McNeil - Possess (Balzer + Bray Aug 23, 2011)
Jenn Reese - Above World (Candlewick, 2012)
Kathy McCullough - Don't Expect Magic (Random House, Nov 2011)
Kristen Kittscher - Young & Yang (HarperCollins, Fall 2012)
Marie Lu - Legend (Penguin, Nov 29, 2011)
Suzanne Lazear - Innocent Darkness (Flux, August 2012)

Just a couple of things:

We revamped the agenda a bit to afford everyone more time to chat and relax with each other. Some of the program structures will be released later on our blog in article/podcast/multimedia format rather than taking up the time you could be spending talking about books. :)

Because of a pet fair at Vroman's Bookstore on Saturday, there is a possibility that the parking lot may be crowded. Apparently there's also a football game (translation: soccer)... US vs. Mexico (¡ay caramba!) at the Rose Bowl at 5 pm :s Hopefully we will be arriving early enough and leaving late enough to miss the worst of the traffic. :/

IF you take a spin through the lot and there's no parking, here are your options. Aside from street parking, there's lots of parking within a block or two. That said, I've been to a Stephenie Meyer signing at Vroman's and we were still able to park in the lot ;) but US wasn't playing Mexico that day.

    * City lot on Union & El Molino (north of the Vroman’s parking lot) $5 max
    * Underground Trio Apartment lot on Madison (one block west of Vroman’s) $9 max
    * The Playhouse parking lot on Madison (between Green & Colorado) $5 max
    * 473 E. Union (at Madison) $6 max
    * Pasadena Towers (enter off Hudson, north of Green) $13.75 max
    * Community Bank 790 (enter off Hudson, north of Green) $12.65 max
    * Pasadena Financial Center (enter off Hudson, north of Colorado) $12.65 max

Thanks to Vroman's Alison Keyes for the parking tips! We also have it on semi-good authority that there is free parking a block and a half away at Le Cordon Bleu

If you happen to arrive early, our group members will be at the 2nd floor event area an hour before the event. You can come on up and say hi :) we're nice, we promise.

We're also terminally glued to our phones so if you need anything, email (Alethea) or

See you all soon!

Tuesday, June 21

YA in Bloom Update 8 - Meet MarburyJack

Andrew Smith

Photo credit: M. D. Wallace

You can visit the author's website at

Follow @marburyjack 
on Twitter

Andrew Smith is the author of
The Marbury Lens,
In the Path of Falling Objects,
and Ghost Medicine.

His newest novel, Stick, is due out on October 11, 2011
from Feiwel & Friends.

The Marbury Lens was recently mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article on the darkness of YA literature... sure to be one of the hot topics at YA in Bloom.

In addition to bringing some hardcovers for the Library Booster Box, Andrew will be raffling off his one and only ARC of Stick at Saturday's event--wow! Thanks, Andrew!

Thanks also to Lisa Yee for inviting him :)

Hey, so you know how I said the library booster box was getting too big for its britches? (Ok, I didn't say that, but you know what I mean...)

It has gotten so big that we'll have to split it in two! That's right--we'll be choosing a school library and a public library to win the boxes.

Thanks to more of our generous donors:

Cathy Blackler for
Fallout by Ellen Hopkins
Matched by Ally Condie

Khyrinthia (Frenetic Reader) for
One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt
Sophomore Undercover by Ben Esch
Forget-Her-Nots by Amy Brecount White
The Ivy (Book 1) by Lauren Kunze & Rina Onur
Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr

Heather from Scholastic Book Fairs
Matched by Ally Condie

Jane from Young Adult Book Council
Alchemyst by Michael Scott
Magician by Michael Scott
Sorceress by Michael Scott
Necromancer by Michael Scott
Warlock by Michael Scott
Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (each box will have 1, as well as the sequel, Beautiful Darkness)

Erin from Teens@Random House
My Not So Still Life by Liz Gallagher
The Lucky Kind by Alyssa B. Sheinmel
Tighter by Adele Griffin
Torment by Lauren Kate
Passion by Lauren Kate

We have EVEN MORE books coming in... the current value of each box is a little over $500.

Ticket sales for YA in Bloom have ended, but you may still contact us at bridgetobooks @ gmail dot com for info on future events! You can also sign up on the right sidebar --&#gt;

Come back tomorrow night for more attending authors (those with forthcoming novels) and on Thursday for contributing authors (who sent us stuff, but could not attend themselves)...

Sunday, June 19

YA in Bloom Update 7 - I think we're going to need another Box

So the Library Booster Box is getting a little out of control. In a very good way!

Thanks to Kris from Bridge to Books for these hot new hardcovers! We're so grateful for your generosity :)

If you haven't gotten your tickets for YA in Bloom yet, don't worry--we moved the deadline from June 18 to June 20 so you have until midnight on Monday to sign up! We can't wait to meet you.

Here are some other people you can expect to see at Vroman's on Saturday, June 25:

Chloe / @chloesays on Twitter

Diana from The Lovely Getaway / @lovelygetaway on Twitter

Jan / @fiddlerjt on Twitter

Janet / @tenaj831 on Twitter

Jenn Reese / @jennreese on Twitter ... author of the forthcoming Above World (Candlewick, 2012)

Khy from Frenetic Reader / @khyrinthia on Twitter

Michelle from Libri Ago / @michellewitte on Twitter

Tipsy from Tipsy Reader / @tipsyreader on Twitter

If I missed you on the updates, let me know - email frootjoos at gmail dot com and I'll add you to the next update! (I'm also compiling a complete list of links, stay tuned.)

Thanks so much to the awesome folks at Vroman's for letting us use their event space! Can you believe this bookstore was founded in 1894?!? It just so happens that June 25 is also "Save the Bookstores" day.

You can help support independent bookstores by buying a book (or 4!) at your local independent bookstore. You can also support most independent bookstores by buying from them online: Vroman's may be 117 years old, but they have a great web store--they even have a blog!

Saturday, June 18

YA in Bloom Souvenir Poster

Or, why we LOVE

Have I mentioned yet how much I looooooove Let me count the ways.

1. They print and ship super-fast. I thought about this poster 3 days ago, and it arrived on my doorstep today!

2. They send very clever and funny confirmation emails.

"In the meantime, please email me if you have ANY questions about your order or the best dance to do when your order arrives.

Have the best next couple hours ever,


p.s. Thank you for using us. We love you, we really do."

Well, we love you, too, PosterBrain <3

3. They put a Werther's candy in my mailing tube. How sweet is that?

4. We got a free copy of the poster we ordered! Their sweetness knows no bounds!

5. You can even order the poster I made for yourself (we don't get anything for it except more love -- which is awesome too) and since their prices are so reasonable, a 16"x24" poster is only $12 plus shipping!

6. It's very easy to use--just upload an image (ideally a 150 dpi TIFF in RGB format--I didn't even have to convert it to CMYK!) fill out some billing/shipping info, and wait a couple of days.

In the meantime, giggle at the confirmation emails.

Two to three days later, open front door and the mail man will hand you your poster! (If you're lucky, you'll get a piece of candy to eat while marveling at how awesome your poster looks).

The quality of the print is awesome, and you can tell it was packed and shipped with care. Thanks a bunch,!

The next time you think of a design and say to yourself, hmm... that would make a really cool poster! You can make it happen, easily and for not a lot of $$$.

If you do order, tell them Bridge to Books sent you :)

So I bet you're wondering what that poster is for. And why it has so much white space.

Well, attendees of YA in Bloom will autograph the posters as they sign in to pick up their wristbands.

One lucky winner gets to take a poster home! (Donated by Alethea and Alyson)

The other will be kept by Bridge to Books to commemorate this totally cool event.

We'll announce the lucky winner on the blog after the event.

YA in Bloom Update 6 - More for the Library Booster Box

What's that, you say? Ticket sales for YA in Bloom have been extended until Monday night?!? Yes!

Since we have a few young friends still trying to get rides to the event squared away, you now have until Midnight on June 20, Monday night, to buy your ticket to YA in Bloom. Yay!

These hardcovers will be joining the Book by Book Library Booster Box... YA in Bloom attendees get to nominate schools to win these books for their library.

Thanks so much to Nicole from Penguin!

Thanks to Heather from Scholastic!

Our nonprofit partner Book by Book is always on the lookout for new and gently-used recently released books and classics for elementary, middle, and high school libraries in the Los Angeles area. For more info, please visit

Friday, June 17

YA in Bloom Update 5 - Marie Lu and More

Drumroll, please....

Marie Lu

is the author of the forthcoming YA dystopian novel, Legend (Putnam Juvenile, Nov. 2011).

Visit the author online at

Follow @Marie_Lu on Twitter.

Find out more about the series, the movie (!) and the Facebook game (!!!) at

(btw, this post was almost entitled "Pinch me: I think I am so tired that I fell asleep and am now dreaming.")

Alethea from Read Now Sleep Later will be raffling off a set of her favorite books that she thinks don't get enough love out in the world of YA. Attend YA in Bloom and you might win:
ferret not included
Click on each book cover to find out more about these great authors!

Clare Dunkle wrote The Hollow Kindom series, By These Ten Bones, and The House of Dead Maids.
For writing that's a little out of the ordinary, a mile out of the mainstream, and just a shade dark, there's no better introduction than the first book of The Hollow Kingdom.

Maria V. Snyder is the author of the Study series, the Glass series, the Insiders duet, and several short stories published in anthologies like Corsets & Clockwork as well as The Eternal Kiss.
If you want danger, daring, and heart-stopping excitement, look no further!
(Also, Alethea actually appears in one of the books. :) You'll have to read to find out which one!)

Ebony McKenna is the author of The Summer of Shambles and The Autumn Palace (The Ondine series). Girl meets ferret. Ferret has a Scottish accent. Girl and ferret get in hilarious (occasionally sexy) trouble. Both Alethea and Kimberly laughed so hard, their cheeks hurt!

Even if you're not going to be at YA in Bloom, you can still enter a contest to win Inside Out and Ondine: The Summer of Shambles. Visit Read Now Sleep Later after 11:59 pm on Monday night for your chance to win!

We'll also be printing a program (with an online version, too!) so if you would like to advertise, email us at bridgetobooks at gmail dot com ... You can view the sizes and rates here. The deadline for all ad submissions is Monday, June 20. You will receive a proof (for approval) via email within 24-48 hours.

If you purchased a ticket to the event, you already will receive a 2.5" x 1" space to put whatever you want--links to your website, email address, Twitter name, etc. -- just let us know what you want it to say as soon as possible! Please email frootjoos at gmail dot com if you have not yet received a confirmation email and ad info.
sample attendee ad

Of course, non-attendees may also advertise as long as the ad is relevant to our audience in some way :)
Just ask us!

Even more updates are on the way. What, did you think we were done? Psssh!

Visit the main YA in Bloom post for tickets and more info.

Thursday, June 16

YA in Bloom Update 4 - Katie Alender, Flux Books, and Simon Teen, oh my!

Photo credit: Christopher Alender
Katie Alender

is the author of the Bad Girls Don't Die series from Disney-Hyperion.

We've had long-time plans to hang out together and lurk in bookstores, ready to suggest her books to young people whose spines are in need of a tingle. Those plans have finally come to their fruition!

You can visit Katie online at and follow @katiealender on Twitter.

On Facebook, "like" Bad Girls Don't Die and Katie Alender.

The second book in the series, From Bad to Cursed, released on June 14!

Thanks to Erin Underwood for posting about YA in Bloom on her blog, Underwords. Head over there and remember to leave a comment after reading!

Book bloggers, Erin has also started a new group called Book Bloggers Association (BBA)... You can find BBA at and on Facebook.

Follow @ErinUnderwood on Twitter!

Thanks as well to Steven & Bethany at Flux Books, who are providing books and catalogs for swag bags, as well as a set of their Spring 2011 titles to raffle off to attendees at the event! Wow!

Some of our favorite Flux Books:

There are many, many more excellent titles -- visit to see them all!

Thanks to Simon & Schuster for providing signed hardcovers for the attendee raffle, including

and collectible items from

More bloggers and writers joining us:

Kristen Kittscher, author of the forthcoming Young & Yang (HarperCollins, 2013)
@KKittscher on Twitter

Rachel from Awkward Girl / @RachelSearles

Sarah from Impossible Universe

Rod Riggs, author

@Mooglechan on Twitter

But wait, there's more! Stay tuned for further updates...

Ready to buy your ticket? You can do that from the main YA in Bloom post!

Poster Poll - Reposted from Read Now Sleep Later

I posted this in my blog originally, but for those interested in Bridge to Books, here it is also:

Would you buy this as a poster? 

My friend Alyson (KidLitFrenzy) and I are trying to come up with a fundraising item so that we can fund our literacy project, Bridge to Books, but we have quite a lot of questions. How big should it be? About how much should it cost? Glossy or matte? If you've got a minute, we'd love your feedback

Actually, I couldn't wait for people to answer the poll so I made one for myself:

Sample produced by

I really feel like this photo doesn't do

justice to the actual poster--I was too

excited to go find a real camera. I'll

take another photo of it when it's framed.
It's way too expensive to mass produce through, put their pricing is perfect if you just need a few posters! The quality is fantastic and turnaround time was phenomenal--just 4 days! I'll definitely order from them again.

If you're coming to YA in Bloom, you can see the poster in person.

YA in Bloom Update 3 - The Library Booster Box

Thanks to Book by Book, we'll be raffling off a Library Booster Box full of recent YA hardcovers.

Attendees will nominate their favorite local high schools to win the box...

Each attendee gets a raffle ticket on which they can write the school of their choice!

(Each attendee also gets another raffle ticket to win prizes they can keep for themselves :) courtesy of our generous authors, publishers, and sponsors! More news on that soon.)

So what's in the Library Booster Box? Hmm?
(click on a book cover to go to the author's website)

We're hoping to add a few more items in the next week or so!

If you'd like to contribute a new or gently-used hardcover YA book (published in the last 5 years), please email us at The above items were donated by members and supporters of Book by Book, Bridge to Books, Young Adult Book CouncilPenguin Teen, and Scholastic.

Current list price value of the Library Booster Box = $670.65 (o_O)

For a full list of donors and other awesome people, view all of our thanks here.