Monday, August 22

The Why Chromosome: Why Boys Do Love Books*

The Why Chromosome is an author event and book signing for readers, writers, bloggers, and educators interested in middle grade and young adult literature. Our special focus will be on boys and encouraging their love of reading.

When: Sunday, October 30, 2011 - 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Where: Mrs. Nelson’s Toy & Book Shop, 1030 Bonita Avenue, La Verne, CA 91750 | MAP
TEL (909) 599-4558 // email for info:

What: $12.50 will provide one person food/drink and a swag bag. Excess funds will be donated to Book by Book. 

How: Purchase your ticket here for $12.50.
You can also make a reservation at Mrs. Nelson's Toy & Book Shop--visit them in person or call 909-599-4558.

Buy Tickets for The Why Chromosome

Who will be there? 
Author guests include:

Andrew Smith

Greg Van Eekhout

Allen Zadoff
Author of Stick and
The Marbury Lens
Author of The Boy at the End
of the World
Author of My Life, The Theater,
and Other Tragedies

Jonathan Auxier
Photo by Elena Seibert 2010

John Stephens
G. Neri
Author of Peter Nimble 
and His Fantastic Eyes
Author of The Emerald Atlas
Author of Ghetto Cowboy

Unfortunately, Mark Jeffrey has a family emergency and may not be able to join us :(

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Links to updates will be posted here.

#1 | Meet our special guests (author bios)
#2 | Download the event flyer here (PDF)
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Are authors who are not official guests welcome?
Of course, you are welcome to come as a regular attendee--you’ll get a special mention in the program if you let us know the details (your book(s), website, contact info, etc)... Just email us at!

I’m an author/publisher/publicist and I think your audience would love to hear about [insert book title here]. What can you do for me?
Get in touch with Alyson and Alethea by emailing and we can discuss it. We welcome swag (bookmarks, bookplates, etc.), raffle prizes, ARCs, and finished copies for the Library Booster Box and are also looking for titles to highlight at the event.

What food are you providing?
Guy food... think hot dogs, brownies, popcorn... if you are attending and have a dietary restriction (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) make sure you fill out the form (the link will be in your receipt email) to let us know so we can plan accordingly. A variety of beverages will be available.

I’m not sure I want to attend yet. Can I just get updates on what’s happening?
Sure! Just sign up for our events newsletter--you’ll get a weekly update.

What is Book by Book?
Founded by Amber Lessa, Book by Book provides new and interesting books for schools in the Los Angeles area that have had their budgets slashed :( Visit for more info! 

At the luncheon, each ticket holder will be able to enter to win a Library Booster Box for a local middle or high school of their choice, filled with recent hardcover books! Ballots will be provided at the event. So far we will be giving away one Young Adult and one Middle Grade box... we might give away more, depending on how many books we collect!

I want to volunteer. How can I help?
We need both in-person and online volunteers. If you can help us online, help us spread the word! Link to using the hashtag #yboysread and mention @bridgetobooks.

Are you on Pinterest? You can help us fill up our Pinterest board with boy/book articles and links.

If you would like to volunteer in person, get in touch with Alyson and Alethea by emailing In the email subject please write TWC2011-volunteer.

Interested in sponsoring our event?
Email Alyson [] if you are a publisher, publicist, or author with ARCs, swag, raffle items or othe giveaways for the event. In the email subject please write TWC2011-sponsor.

Email Alethea [] if you would like to advertise your book/education-related item in the event program. The event program will have a run of 250 copies and reach a variety of readers (kids, parents, educators, librarians, administrators, authors, publishers, bookstore customers). It will also be published online. In the email subject please write TWC2011-ads.

You can also donate cash on Wepay or donate a book for the Library Booster Box.

*Thanks to Andrew Smith for the event name and to Andrea at Mrs. Nelson's for proposing the event theme.

**More Questions? Email Alethea - frootjoos [at] gmail [dot] com. And watch this spot for more info!

Sunday, August 21

Graphic Guise - Thank you's Part I

After a little sleep and a little debriefing, now is the time to start thanking people for helping to make Graphic Guise: Books Undercover such a successful event. As you can see from the title, it is going to take us a few posts to thank everyone.

First up, thank you's to all of our author/illustrators: Kazu Kibuishi, Bob Boyle, James Burks, and Dan Santat.  They are some of the nicest guys that you will ever meet.  And even more importantly they were fabulous with the kids who attended the event.

James Burks with Fourth and Fifth Graders.

Each of our author/illustrators spent time talking to small groups of children about their individual books and projects and gave children sneak peeks into their art journals. Just to give everyone an idea of the event here are some pictures of these amazing guys in action.

Bob's Sketchbook
Kazu Kibuishi brought his iPad and children were able to watch a book trailer for Amulet 4 The Last Council which will be out on September 1, 2011 and even get a chance to learn a little bit about Book 5.

Here is James Burks providing drawing feedback to a student during studio time.  I know that if I was 10 and had a chance to work with one of my favorite authors or illustrators this would be a memory I would never forget.

Here one of our participants is deeply focused on her own creative process.  Children were provided with blank journals which they got to keep.

Bob Boyle is shown here as he interacted with a group of second and third graders around the development of stories and yes, he is doodling right on the butcher paper. 

Dan Santat chatted with the large group about his art work and some special details about his picture book Oh No! or How My Science Project Destroyed the World.

In a down moment, a few of Kazu's adult fans got to listen to him speak about his artwork.

At the end, our team of guys signed books and journals often times personalizing them with special drawings.

Thank you Armory Center for the Arts for letting us use such a great space as your studio.  It provided the perfect atmosphere for our event.

Thank you to Katie (Young Adult Book Club), Cathy (@cathy_blackler on twitter) and Yukari (@rblib on twitter) for the fabulous pictures.
Yukari had a break from picture taking and kid wrangling to receive a raffle bag.
 Next post - A thank you to our publisher friends.

Saturday, August 20

Graphic Guise


Graphic Guise, a set on Flickr.

Thanks to everyone who took photos of Graphic Guise... we had an amazing time!

Aly and Alethea need a nap, then we'll be off and running with the next 3 (4? 5??) Bridge to Books events.

If you have a blog post or more photos of this awesome event we had with Kazu Kibuishi, Dan Santat, James Burks, and Bob Boyle, please link to them below or email us at!

Thanks to the authors, and to everyone who attended! We hope you got some great information and had some fun (and cupcakes!) to boot!

Friday, August 19

In Print? Far Out!

Follow the link to see us mentioned in Publishers Weekly.
As the Bridge to Books team gears up for Graphic Guise, we get a little more pep in our step from PW and lovely ladies of YA Rising Stars. rocks!

Also, thanks to Alethea's Uncle Ted, we've got this great poster for Graphic Guise! You can order your own copy from the always awesome Bridge to Books receives no portion of any purchase made through the PosterBrain website, but that's ok--sometimes they give us free posters and candy and hugs! (Ok, kidding about the hugs, but I just know they would if they could.)

If you DO want to support us (and get a cool poster in the bargain), you can order our Live to Read poster right here! It's only $5 + shipping.

If you're going to Graphic Guise, skip the shipping and just pick it up from our event bookstore. Thanks to the lovely folks at Once Upon a Time in Montrose for bringing their bookstore to The Armory!

The Night Before Graphic Guise

Visual + LiteracyViz Swag Bags!Teacher/Librarian kits from Viz MediaFor our vegan/gluten free buddiesLibrary Booster Box - Middle Grade EditionNeopets + Petpet Park raffle items and swag
Raffle PrizesSwag bag fun!Scholastic/GRAPHIXMore swag bag goodnessColleen Frakes

Are you excited?! I am! So excited, I posted this one night early. We'll be adding more photos as the day goes on... and even more on Saturday, August 20 when Graphic Guise takes place at The Armory in Pasadena! for more info

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