Take one educator with a passion for books and getting kids to read (Alyson), and mix in a talented book blogger and former bookseller (Alethea) and you have the start of Bridge to Books.

As we talked, we realized that there were great resources out there that did not seem to be getting to the right places.

We wanted to see people come together from various disciplines to share thoughts and ideas, with the overall goal of getting children excited about books and reading.

Our core group consists of about 30 educators, librarians, publishers, authors, booksellers, artists, and teen readers. Contact us!


and would like to check with us about promoting your book(s), please email bridgetobooks@gmail.com --  we love arranging author appearances, writing reviews, and conducting blog tours to get people excited about reading. If you have swag (souvenirs, wearables, and gifts), ARCs (advanced reader copies), or finished copies (to donate to the Library Booster Boxes), let us know and we will match you up with the appropriate event/audience!