We just LOVE the Internet--what better way to bridge the distance between books and people?

Animoto - A video slideshow maker with music... easy to use, and it's free! Great for sharing books and authors. Alyson's Animoto: Chalk by Bill Thomson | Read Across America | James Burks

Blogger - Sharing knowledge is easier than ever with blogs--and the literacy movement can benefit almost as much from people reading blogs as it can from people reading books. Alethea's blog: Read Now Sleep Later | Alyson's blog: Kid Lit Frenzy

Book-A-Day Almanac - A great way to discover books old and new with timeless qualities, edited by publisher Anita Silvey | use hashtag #bookaday on twitter

Facebook - Social networking? It's a great way to connect with authors and keep up with your book buddies. Alyson's Facebook | Alethea's Facebook (email first)

GoodReads - A great way to track your reading and meet booklovers like you; or as Alethea likes to put it: Facebook for people with more books than friends :)Alethea's GoodReads profile | Alyson's GoodReads profile

Twitter - Tricky, but valuable tool if you can get the knack of it
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Other Book People

MundieKids - Children's book reviews by MundieMoms

YABC - Young Adult Book Council - Our YA book club for adults. Follow @yabc_la on Twitter!

You can join our discussions on Goodreads.

Other Literacy Organizations

Book by Book - A Southern California non-profit supplying books to schools whose budgets have been cut or in some cases, completely omitted. Follow @bkbybk on twitter.